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Our Vision

“Keep our competitors focused on us, while we stay focused on the customer”

Since its inception on the 17th of March 1997, Mynac’s approach has been to build an organization around customer-centricity. Many customers feel more comfortable interacting with the more popular and established brands. However, with the recent economic downturn and pandemic conditions, it has shifted these dynamics, allowing them to engage more with reputable service providers, who are flexible, and willing to accommodate any special needs. Our drive and commitment to providing good service at an affordable price contribute to our success. Our achievements, from winning our first “Samsung Teleco of the Year Award” for an unprecedented six-years in succession, to winning multiple other awards such as “Technical Service Excellence”, “Supplier of the year”, “ Platinum dealer of the year”, “Achiever of the Year” etc. and our recent “ Top 500 Award”, boosted our confidence. Our recent accreditation and selection as the exclusive and official Simplo distributor on the African continent allow us the opportunity to introduce Simplo to all businesses. This new software program was designed first and foremost to give full control of any business. A platform, with built-in artificial intelligence, can independently ensure increased growth, productivity, and control. We promise to be humble and commit to providing you, our customers with quality products and services at an affordable price, whilst maintaining our strict code of conduct.


Daniel Craig Johnson,

Chief Operating Officer