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My NAC specialize in PABX, CCTV, Copiers, IT Support & Connectivity:

Wireless communications, Digital technology and Office Security; combined with the latest I.P. technology, Exceptional service has made NAC a market leader in it's relevant fields.NAC provides Wired, Wireless, Voice, Data, Security, VOIP, LCR, Call Center, Voice Logging, Fax2Email, Broadband, LTE and many more solutions to its clientele. NAC is a fully BEE empowered company as well as a member of the Savant. NAC has affiliated itself to Verizon, one of S.A.'s largest I.S.P.'s. NAC is an accredited partner of Cell C's community projects.

PBX Systems

Our range of products cater for all size of companies from SME’s to our larger corporate clientele. While our products vary in size according to the requirements of our clients no functionality has been lost with the same benefits being available to all users, being large or small.


Whether you seek a single or multi-function machine, we carry copiers that will suit your needs. Our experienced consultants and internal experts,  will analyse and propose the best solutions, or an expert consultant can be requested to visit you and conduct a full site inspection and propose the correct office automation solution at no charge.


Our current range of CCTV products on offer allows our clients to grow from a standard 4Port DVR solution into a 64Port system. The variety of cameras, covert or not, allow clients a tailor made solution for their specific needs. Innovation continues beyond the DVR, and a viable, cost-effective alternative has emerged: IP Surveillance or Networked Video - video transferred over IP infrastructure. NAC considers the future of CCTV products to be mainly IP BASED



Uncapped and unshaped. My NAC delivers an unparalleled Internet experience – letting you reach your world via the fast lane. Whether you are looking for business or wholesale voice and data services, our pure- IP Network has you covered. And our fibre optic backbone network ensures the highest levels of performance.

IT Support


We offer professional, affordable services and advice to assist clients with their IT infrastructure. With 20 years of experience we deliver cost effective and reliable solutions according to industry best practices, ensuring the highest quality of products and services to all our clients nationwide.

Online Shopping

We are an online store striving to bring you great deals on PBX, CCTV and Copier equipment. Our aim is to offer amazing prices with the service to match.